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The Rhonda Wilson-Greenwood Art Gallery online features Rhonda R. Wilson-Greenwood original paintings, luminescent metal prints and artist dolls. My private studio/gallery is located on the Mendocino coast 3 hours north from San Francisco art galleries.




Rhonda Rene Wilson-Greenwood began her career as an artist as a child drawing, singing and dancing. Her first painting of an Ojibwa native was shown at the Kalamazoo Art Center in Kalamazoo Michigan at age thirteen. At age fifteen she decided to draw portraits on commission. Also, Rhonda produced posters, banners, ectra... for local plays and events for various organizations. During Rhonda's late teens she began to instruct students in popular painting techniques and she designed and created various woodcraft pieces for sale and on commission. During Rhonda's mid twentys and early thirties she began her career as a public artist painting murals, faux finishes, trompe l` oiel, signage, conceptual art, heirloom paintings, logo's, artist dolls and sculpture. She is currently creating object d` art pieces (artist dolls) Le Plaisir French Dolls; and she is also producing her first collection of paintings. Her future ambition is to become a preforming artist by creating a music video in which she will sing and dance.

Rhonda has been featured in many news articles involving her art work. She has painted for numerous clients in the bay area. As a versitale fine artist, Rhonda works in various mediums and prefers to paint fantasy surreal paintings that shimmer with feelings of granduer.


My aim in art is to create a sense of beauty. In my subject matter I am imagining a dream-reality filled with elegance, color and light. Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world inspires me to dream big. But the vision is only half of the work. I am also an engineer, always striving to learn new ways of producing the finest possible finish to my pieces. I am unable to limit myself to a single subject or medium: I love to experiment and become expert in new techniques. My ambition is to support myself well with my art.

Artist Continues to "beautify the town"

Rhonda Greenwood initiated Faux Interiors in July 1998 and has since created murals for area businesses,among numerous other projects.